Monday, November 29, 2010

Fresh View Omelet...Leftover Series #3

Ahhh... that's the ticket. After days of carbs and calories and all things hip enhancing, it's refreshing to cook something on the lighter side. By now, your turkey has lost it's luster and more than likely it's appeal. And that white meat that was barely edible to begin with has now dried out to point you cannot swallow it without a gallon of milk and prayer. The goal for today's omelet is to freshen your view of turkey and learn how to re-animate it in a healthy and moist way! Lucky for us turkey is very forgiving. You may find that this recipe is similar to my Chick-Chick Bean omelet, however I assure the taste is completely different thanks to the fresh, home canned tomatoes and fresh bell pepper and onions.

AND! I get to introduce to you my absolute favorite cheese ever, Muenster! Muenster is a softer, milder cheese in comparison to cheddar. It is a North American spin off of the french "munster" cheese. You can read all about the the history HERE.   It is soooooo smooth and sooooo dang good. But really not shreddable, so I wouldn't try if I were you. Thin slices will be just fine!

Fresh View Omelet...Leftover Series #3


turkey (white meat)
Fresh canned tomatoes
bell pepper
diced green chiles
garlic salt
chili powder
salt and pepper
Muenster cheese
black olives
Basic Omelet

Chop onions and bell peppers and saute in small pan. Set Aside. Place fresh tomatoes with some juice into large skillet and heat on medium-high. Season as desired. Add chile's and continue to bring to simmer. Chop turkey to desired size and place in simmering tomatoes. Add corn and onion/bell pepper mixture. Cover and simmer until all juices have been absorbed, uncover and remove from heat. Slice your cheese. Prepare your basic omelet and when flipped lay cheese down, top with filling and fold. Top with sliced black olives.NOMS, the fresh way!

Fresh canned 'maters. If you don't have any, you are SOL till next summer... but I bet you are gonna be canning next year ;)

The color is not enhanced here... that is how bright and beautiful it really is.

All the ingredients swimming together in freshy-freshness.

*insert singing choir* AHHHAHHHAHHHAHHHHHH!!!!!

Edible and tasty Orange rind

Cooked down and ready to do it's job!

Overdoin' the cheese as usual... I cannot help myself!

It looks SO good... So good....

Like an Alien from Planet Breakfast seducing me with it's many eyes...


Sous Chef Dalton has now begun an intensive 7 month training program to fill the NOW available position of Master Food Taster.

He is off to a great start... and the Omelet kitchen believes he has immense potential.

After nearly  a month of holding the Food Taster position, Everit has not even so much as taken a bite of one omelet. Therefore, he has been demoted to dishwasher. Everit is "thrilled about the new position" and feels it "suits his energy level better." We could not agree more, and applaud Everit for his positive attitude!

((((I am hereby removing tip of the day until I can think of more tips...)))

My Review:

The turkey was amazing... tender, melt in your mouth, and extremely flavorful. All the ingredients stood alone in their own right, yet came together in such an awesome garden fresh flavor! I feel alive again!


  1. This omelet just screams: HOME SWEET HOME! That’s how comfy it sounds ^_^ Thank you for sharing and god bless your beautiful boys:)

  2. This looks super tasty! I love muenster also!

  3. this is right up my alley i can make this one sans corn and it will be pretty low carb and yummy! thanks!

  4. YAY! IT was really good as a burrito last night for dinner too... hooray NOT Thanksgiving carb loaded OMG Im gonna die if I eat any more stuffing omelet!

  5. what a delicious blog! here is so many inspirations!

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