Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Machaca Omelet

Yet another Mexican inspired dish! This one is loosely translated from a traditional Mexican breakfast recipe called Machaca, which is originally made using dried beef and peppers and served on or with eggs and tortillas. I am making my own version, naturally, using what I have on hand today. There is some preparation involved though, preferably the day ahead. So plan this omelet for tomorrow!

The main ingredient of beef is best prepared at home and to your specific preference. I love tender, juicy, melt in your mouth roast beef, so I prepare mine in a slow cooker:

My awesome roast beef!


1 roast (select roast with a good fat/meat balance. DO NOT TRIM. Fat = flavor!)
Season Salt
Crock Pot.

Rinse off roast well and place in slow cooker. Coat one side with the Season Salt, flip over and do the same to other side. Add enough water to come about mid-way through the roast. DO NOT COVER ROAST with water! This is will boil it (eeeew!)  Set on low and depending on size, cook from 8-12 hours. Flip roast midway through cooking time. When done, remove meat and place in sealed container. NEVER FORGET! Save the juice (gravy, aus jus, whatevs)!!!!!  Pour it in a separate container and chill both in fridge overnight. This step is really important!  No, really. It is.


Machaca Omelet


Roast beef
Aus Jus (reserved)
bell peppers (your color choice)
green onion
yellow onion
diced green chile's
salt and pepper to taste
Tony Cachere's Cajun spice blend (or your preferred "heat" mixture)
sour cream
Basic Omelet

Having prepared your roast the day before you are ready to rock this baby! Take a look at your roast and aus jus.. you will see that the fat has now solidified and is easily removable. Separate the fat from your beef. Throw away the fat and shred up the beef with your fingers. Place in a 12" skillet. Now you can skim off (or peel off) the layer of fat from the top of your aus jus. YES! See how easy that was? Told you refrigerating was important!  Now pour enough of the aus jus to cover the bottom of the pan, about 1/4 cup. Slice and dice your peppers and onions to desired size and place in pan with green chile's and meat. Salt, pepper and season to taste. Bring to a simmer over medium/high heat. Then cover and turn heat down to a low-medium. (can you smell that? Oh its heavenly!) Allow to simmer until juice is almost completely absorbed. Stir frequently, taking care to shred any larger pieces of meat with your spatula. Then prepare Basic Omelet. Use cheese, but sparingly (what? Joee? Sparing cheese? WHAT?) and add filling. Fold, top with sour cream!

A few notes about this recipe:

*This can be very salty. Consider your self pre-warned.
*Fresh "hot" peppers such as jalapenos are a fine substitute for the "heat" spice mix.
*Keep your shredded meat bite size and well separated. It is just more eater friendly that way.

This here is the start of something NOMS.

Shredded beef ready to simmer to perfection.

BEHOLD... the flavor!

Ready to simmer down... see how little aus jus is used?

Halfway through cook time.(lid removed for picture)

Simmered down..oh the smell is beyond words!!!

Just a little cheese... the beef mixture is the showcase here.

Your mouth has now begun watering....

...and jealousy has kicked in!

#*#*#*#* TIP OF THE DAY: Don't freeze an omelet. They do not re-animate well.   #*#*#*#
My Review:
Now GO MY MINIONS!  And create your OWN!!!


  1. i know you do not know me but my sister showed me this blog and i am sooo hungry right now! this looks yummy! love the blog! keep it up.

  2. YAY! You made my day! Thank you so much for looking! Share with your friends too!