Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Chick-chick bean Omelet!

So you  have been starving yourselves just waiting for today recipe. I know... I need to start cooking earlier!
You are gonna have to do a little extra work today to get this omelet on your plate. So roll up your sleeves, grab your can opener and DO WORK SON!!!

Chick-Chick bean Omelet!


1 can white chicken breast
1 can Rotel (mild) ** Rotel is simply a canned mild salsa...if Rotel is not available to you replace with any salsa of your choice!**
1 can black beans
Entirely too much shredded sharp cheddar cheese
pat of butter
3 eggs
salt and pepper to taste
splash of milk

Open and completely drain both the chicken and the black beans. Open can of Rotel, and drain a SMALL amount of the juice out (not all of it!)  Add these three ingredients to pan and simmer on medium until juices are all absorbed. Be careful not to scorch! When done remove from heat.  Meanwhile, make your basic omelet shell by whisking your eggs, milk and seasonings together.  When your omelet is flipped add a heart-aching amount of shredded cheese and your filling. Fold omelet and add MORE cheese on top and a small amount of filling for the whole, "I want my omelet to look pretty before I eat it" affect.  Then NOMS. And noms. And noms.

You will find you have plenty of leftover filling after making this. This particular filling will freeze very well, or you can reserve in your refrigerator for another omelet or even a burrito! I say eat another omelet!

Pictures! Cuz, like, whats a food blog without pics!!!

OLE!  Your ingredients!

Simmering your Spicy goodness.

My resident food taster approving the cheese. And no, he is not wearing pants. He says it helps clear his pallet. Meh, critics.

Dangerously close to a scramble... *shudder*

This one ended up a little on the homely side. But we support ugly omelet's on this here blog!

Lotsa leftovers for tomorrow's breakfast! Or dinner.. or snack?

#*#*#*#* TIP OF THE DAY: Make you fillings the day before. You got nothing to lose but the extra time!  #*#*#*#*
I admit that I have always been fond of the flavor of canned chicken. HOWEVER it does tend to overwhelm a dish. NOT the case here though... simmering with the Rotel really drew out the "obviously canned" flavor and replaced it with the perfect blend of spice and fowl. You can never go wrong with black beans, and they did not fail... their texture is simply divine. I wanted to make a second one this morning, but my thighs started crying and making a big ol' scene... maybe I will have one for lunch!
MAKE THIS RECIPE!  AND COMMENT! Did you add something? Subtract something? Hate it? Love it? YOU MUST let me know!!!


  1. Want! I only have 3 of these 5 ingredients. :(

  2. What ingredients are you missing? I bet I can offer some alternatives!

    And it has come to my attention that ROTEL is not widely available.. NO MATTER> ROTEL is merely a canned salsa... so any mild salsa you have will do!!!!!

  3. It's a Yankee-ism! Our (Ontarian) "ROTEL" is a non-profit motel for patients at Ottawa hospitals... if you can put THAT in an omelette I'll give you a gold star and a double-double! :P

    And as much as I'd love to try your omelettes... I have enough trouble with scrambled eggs! Pastry and scrambled eggs are my downfall *SOB* Got any remedy for that Oh Mighty Egg-spert??

    If this blog goes on for years, I jsut may be making a LYSOL and Antiseptic omelet!

    No fear my DEAR!! I am going to try to complete my Omelet basics page today... which will slowly but surely guide you to perfection... in the meantime, SCRAMBLE IT!!! Cuz really, it still tastes the same!

  5. So I used ham instead of chicken but it was delicious! The eggs turned out pretty good to, thanks Joee!

  6. YAY tiffany! I bet the ham was AWESOME! thank you for sharing with us!

  7. I like the name of this one!

  8. Thanks Adrienne! I am going to go NUTS trying to think up clever names for these things, LOL!

  9. This sounds SO good. I have black beans, I have already cooked chicken and I have Rotel (which I didn't realize was a salsa; I use it like chopped up tomatoes lol -- it gives a little flavor) Breakfast tomorrow is planned.

  10. Yay Jules! You will love it! I am not sure Rotel is a salsa, to be honest... but I figured it was the closest thing I could compare it to for the MARLA up "Nort" LOL!

  11. Add a can of corn to the leftovers and serve it with some refried beans for dinner!