Wednesday, November 24, 2010

SURPRISE!!! It's NOT an Omelet!!!!

Things are going surprisingly smooth thus far today, so I thought I would take advantage of this oh-so-rare opportunity and document my 4th (and praying BEST) attempt at a CHEESECAKE.  And no, this is not going into an omelet. YET.

So I have made 3 cheesecakes to date. And of the 3, only 2 were edible. And of those 2 I identified issues I was non-too pleased with. First is the cracking. I know it happens, even to the professionals. But I want to become a great cheesecake maker! And I want it too look like it came out of the Cheesecake Factory!! DAMMIT!!!  Second problem I found was the "spongy" texture. I believe this is due to uneven cooking and/or too much air in the batter. So I took extra precautions this time. I mixed it on low and watched it like a hawk. And I am also cooking it in a water bath.

In addition to all of this, I have selected a different recipe each time. Why? Well I was not pleased with the first three... and I am on a mission to find the "perfect" recipe for my skill level. I am no Betty Crocker. This will be the first recipe I have used that called for heavy cream. Let's just see what the hey diddle diddle happens then!!!

Here is the full Monty baby!!!

The recipe I chose for this one!

 Carefully foiled for it's hot water bath

 Makin' the crust

 Go ahead... HATE ME. Yes, that is a Full size OG Kitchenaid mixer. I haz it.

 Sous Chef Dalton is NOT on task today.

 On a good note, Food taster Everit is wearing underwear.

 With such simple ingredients you would think it was easy! But it's NOT.

 Smoothin' out the cream cheese.

 Mixer in action.. LOOK OUT!!!

 Heavy cream, vanilla and lime juice. Its supposed to lemon, but whatevs. Citrus is Citrus.


 Bake me BABY!

 In it's hot water bath

 INTO the oven for cheesecake Lovin'

 HER 45 minutes turned into over an hour for my oven...

 The giant mess leftover (omelet's are so much neater)

 As seen through my oven door

 MEANWHILE.... Arts and crafts! And look... my other Son makes an appearance! Hi Squiddy!

 Sous Chef Dalton makes his own turkey hand (kinda)

 Food Taster Everit gets copious with the glue

 VOILA!!  A Thanksgiving centerpiece!

VOILA Again!!!  A Thanksgiving MASTERpiece.... hope its NOMS!!!

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