Sunday, November 28, 2010

Stuffed Up Omelet... Leftover Series #2

No No, this omelet does not have a cold. It's just all stuffed with stuff and stuffing and stuff. Ya know.. stuff. Like, stuff stuff.

I have to tell you that my leftovers are dwindling quickly... I aced the mashed potato's cuz they just passed up their prime. And I finished of the stuffing. I do, however, have loads of turkey left. So the next few days it will be turked-out omelets. And will NOT include anything else Thanksgiving related. Because I am over it...

Stuffed Up Omelet


(mostly leftovers)

potatoes (I used cubed/fried)
Mac and Cheese
breakfast sausage (patties)
Basic Omelet

Brown your sausage and set aside. Warm up your leftovers all together. Be sure to get your Mac and Cheese nice and hot, as this is the "cheese" in your recipe. Do up your omelet and add ingredients on the flip, preferably Mac and Cheese side down. Flip and cover in gravy. Have a large appetite for this one!

Sausage patties just a sizzlin' away

Leftovers... *sigh*

Close up of leftovers. WHY? I don't know.

I only used about 1/2 of what I warmed up... stuffing is so stuffy!

Served with a fresh, juicy pear. NOMS.

This is halfway through, and where I stopped. Even my voracious appetite could not conquer this one. Or I am totally over leftovers. Or maybe because I ate 2 of these:


These are fine little appetizers my husband calls "croissandles." Passed on from my friend Jennifer Paris. They are decadent and compliment all meals, but none better than breakfast!


1 Roll Pillsbury Croissants (I use the big size ones)
1/2 roll Jimmy Dean breakfast sausage
1/2 package cream cheese
6 small squares cheddar cheese

Brown sausage till completely done, chopping with spatula until it is fine. Add cream cheese to pan, turn to low-medium heat and melt cream cheese with sausage until they are together as one. Add one piece cheese onto your rolled out Croissants (see package) and spoon mixture on top of cheese. Roll up and fold in the sides. Bake according to package directions. DIVINE.

You should eat this... really.

(tip of the day would normally be here, but I am fresh out of tips today)

My Review:

Even though breakfast sausage brought this half dead filling to life again, I am really over the whole Thanksgiving feast. I really did not enjoy this omelet enough to hoot and holler over it. But it was better then being reheated and stuck on a plate. The Croissandles on the other hand were NOMS and that's what made me smile this morning!!!

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  1. I love your idea of stuffed croissant as breakfast is my favorite meal of the day. I'm smiling too, just looking at your pics ^_^