Thursday, November 4, 2010

Hamburger help-my-Omelet

A total Joee Classic. I have been making this omelet for almost 6 years. Being Po' folk, we eat more than our share of boxed dinners. I hate to waste ANY leftover even if it was sub-par to begin with. Now, I am a little embarrassed my friends as I am missing one VITAL ingredient to this recipe: sour cream. Sour cream is #1 on my top 5 list of toppings... and as luck would have it I am out like trout! So I have substituted with a rather unconventional alternative. But that is the VERY essence of this blog! Making something out of nothing!

Hamburger help-my-omelet!


Hamburger Helper (any variety, today I have cheeseburger macaroni)
Sharp Cheddar Cheese
Lay's French Onion Dip (WTH? Bear with me!)
3 eggs
salt and pepper to taste
splash of milk
pat 'o' butter

Preheat your pan and whip your eggs, salt, pepper, and milk in a bowl. Add butter to pan and when melted and dispersed add your eggs. Cook 3-4 minutes until edges are firm and you cannot see the pan through the omelet.MEANWHILE, microwave your hamburger helper to desired temp. Flip omelet and then add cheese and filling. Fold Omelet and spread a small amount of french onion dip on the top of the omelet. Serve with toast and grapes! Why grapes? I don't KNOW!

(COMING SOON! See the Omelet Basics page for instructions on how to cook the omelet itself. I will soon be omitting the written instructions and putting a link to the page instead.)

Your starting lineup!

The kitchen Staff having a meeting about the topping of choice.

The lack of color tells me this omelet is veggie free and likin' it.

See the grapes? That was my attempt at "fancy plating." Epic Fail.

I bet some of you are wondering if I am actually eating this stuff, or just trying to kill my audience. Here is the proof you are seeking!  NOMS...


NOMS. See how I left the fruit behind? I was afraid I wouldn't absorb the cholesterol properly if ate 'em.

#*#*#*#* TIP OF THE DAY: Save a BUNDLE of cash by buying your cheese in bulk and shredding it yourself. It only takes a few minutes to shred a 1lb block of cheese, and you can put it in tupperware or ziplock and have it ready at any time!  #*#*#*#

MY REVIEW:  I was very uneasy about the topping choice. Chip dip is not usually favorable for anything other than Ruffles or Crudites... but I took a chance and I was very glad I did! The dip gave a wonderfully complimentary onion flavor to the dish. The hamburger helper itself can be quite bland. I liked how it brought the mixture to life, and added that little bt of much needed moisture to the omelet.

WOW!  That turned out better than I expected! HOW DID Yours turn out? Did you try something new? Have a question? Wanna complain? COMMENT HERE!!!  COMMENT NOW!! 


  1. Sounds good! I love me some onion chip dip :)

  2. I figured you would love this one Jamie! LOL! You could even crunch up some chips and sprinkle them on top!

  3. Eek! Not too sure about the onion chip dip, but Im totally willing to do the ham help!

  4. LOL D! Its better then sour cream, right?

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