Saturday, November 27, 2010

Turkey Club Omelet... Leftover series #1

I know for a fact that YOU have turkey leftover. Why do I know? Because the American way is to cook a 20 lb bird only to serve 6 people.. which leaves approximately 389 lbs of turkey leftover... and I am here to help you do something NOMS with it! This is #1 in a series of leftover omelets I plan on making for you. There will be maybe 3-4 depending on how far I wanna push the leftover "expiration date." I am a bit of a dare devil though.

Now I am a little embarrassed... I totally forgot to pick up one essential ingredient for this omelet:  Avocado. Please if you can, add some to yours. It's rather tasty.

Turkey Club Omelet

cream cheese
diced green chile's
bacon (broken into small pieces)
provolone cheese (sliced)
Italian "everything"  bread
Basic Omelet

Take about 1/4 cup cream cheese and add about 3 tablespoons of green chile. Pop in the ol' microwave for about 30 seconds and stir well. Set Aside.You want the cream cheese soft and spreadable. Start your basic omelet and while cooking warm up desired amount of turkey and bacon (reserve a small amount for topping.) On the flip, spread your cream cheese and chile mixture onto the omelet (reserve small amount for toast) and then turkey and bacon on top. Fold and cover in slices of provolone. Place on plate and microwave omelet for about 15 seconds to help the provolone melt. top with bacon. Toast your Italian bread and spread small amount of cream cheese mixture on the toast. NOMS.


Your lovely leftover ingredients

I use a mixture of both white and dark meat.


GOTCHA!!  That was my Husband's breakfast!  AHAHHAH!!!

You cream cheese mixture


I am loving the color scheme! So wintery!

Wow.. is that not gorgeous?

And thanks to my AMAZING "Paint" skills, here is what the avocado would have looked like... And yes I DO like to go that little extra mile for you,  my sweet reader. No extra charge for that. 

#*#*#*#* TIP OF THE DAY: Uuhhh... Yay Holidays!  #*#*#*#

My Review:
Something magical happens when you add cream cheese to food. It forces all the flavors to blend together. Such an amazing flavor combination even without the blessed avocado. A nice way to enjoy the otherwise boring turkey!

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  1. Perfect! Too bad I'm so full or I might have to have another!

    And what is really neat is the "stuffing" for the omelet works great in a roll-up for Miss Allergic-to-Eggs. :)