Monday, November 1, 2010

What's in an Omelete!

Well the obvious answer is: eggs. (Sarcasm is a bonus on this blog, no extra charge. Your welcome.)

Now the omelet can be a very touchy little delight. You must become ONE with the omelet, grasshoppers. You must BE the omelet. You must feel the omelet. You must breathe in the aroma of the delicate balance that is the omelet. And this can be achieved by knowing your basics. Your omelete consists of 4 basic parts:

1. THE SHELL. This is the vessel in which your omelet will be delivered. This fluffy,eggy blanket will cuddle your ingredients like a Mom cuddles her children. Kind of hard to make an omelet without one, so you may as well get used to making it now.

2. THE STUFFING. No, not stuffing. Stuff-ING. The good stuff. Anything worth eating can fit into this category.

3. THE CHEESE. You can make an omelet without it. But I ask you from the bottom of my heart that you don't. To deny your omelet the very glue that holds it together is akin to denying your newborn milk. It cannot exist without cheese. If you do make one without cheese, be aware that you are putting the entire universe in jeopardy! That's all on you, buddy.

4. THE TOPPING. Salsa? yes please. Sour Cream? Oh yes please! Gravy? oh YES PLEASE!!!  CHEESE? Yeah, see # 3.

The secret to the perfect omelet is ONE thing my friends: practice. For 6 years I have been whippin' eggs and sayin' prayers. For 6 years I have lost 1 out of every 4 omelet's to the dreaded  "scramble." the "scramble" is not the enemy mind you; more like the evil twin. You get the same flavor and enjoyment from the scramble but you sacrifice beauty and harmony. Don't fear the "scramble." Just respect it. It has a job just like you and me, and he has to get props now and again.

Now that you are all so DEEPLY involved in reading this I will open up my Pandora's Box of secrets and tips and reveal this first and most important piece of information:


Yup. Gotta have a good pan. No, gotta have a GREAT pan. Can't be to big, can't be too small. MUST be non-stick. Must be pre-heated.  Right tool for the right job, people. Without this you will meet the "scramble" every time. Don't live your life like that. Don't let the "scramble" rule your world.

The size of your omelet is directly related to your feet. UH.. wait no. Umm... crap, where was I? Oh yes, the size of your omelet is related to the size of your PAN. That's it!!  A 3-egg omelet will do better in a 10-inch pan. A 2- egg omelet will function better in a 7.5 inch or smaller. Selecting the wrong size pan for your omelet will result in either a too thick and unfoldable omelet, or a too thin and weak omelet. Neither is favorable. If you do not have a variety of pans to choose from then you must adjust your omelete size accordingly by adding or subtracting the number of eggs. Bigger is better in the world of omelet's. Well that's what I say anyway.

Tomorrow I will post my the FIRST ever "Put in in an omelet" recipe! Complete with step by step instructions and colorful pictures to guide you along to the path of breakfast happiness. Every day I will try to feature a tip or trick to add to your arsenal.

At some point my well of genius may run dry. Hard to believe, I know. But that is where YOU the reader steps in. I want COMMENTS. Lots of them. Ideas, tips, hints, recipes, questions, complaints, concerns, criticism, and anything in between! This blog will be absolutely BORING in no time if we don't pull together and have some fun with it!


  1. Checkity check check one 2 one 2

  2. This is brilliant! I love it!

    btw, I use an 8 inch Emeril non-stick pan for my can never go wrong with Emeril.

  3. OOH good Call D! Im glad you like it!!!