Monday, November 1, 2010

If it's worth eating... is worth eating IN AN OMELET!!!

WELCOME to my Blog, all about the omelet and the wonderfully odd things I like to put in them! Here is the introduction to WHY I am making this blog, and WHY it will become wildly successful beyond all reason:

Since childhood, my Mom has concocted some of the strangest food combinations known to man. Give that lady some duct tape, cream of mushroom soup, horseradish and a chicken bouillon cube and she could make a casserole fit for a King. Nothing however, was as scrumptious as her omelet creations. My earliest and fondest memory of breakfast bliss being her (canned) asparagus and cheese omelet. Ridiculously simple and fan-freaking-tastic. So I dedicate this blog to my Mother... for teaching me that you don't need ingredients to make a meal. Love you Mom!

So there may be a few questions floating around in your head.. I will take the liberty of psychically connecting myself to your brain, and answering these questions for you. Because I am cool like that.

Is "omelet" code for something else?  No, it's just an omelet. And that's pretty much it.

Am I going to want to eat the recipes you post? Possibly. If you are expecting french cuisine and heart healthy options you will be sorely disappointed. If you are not afraid to think outside of the leftover container then this could be your new handbook for life. Start looking into Liptor now.

How hard is it to put a leftover meal in an omelet? I could do this on my own! Sure! You could! But you didn't. And I did. And you will come back again and again. If for nothing else, just to see how fat I get trying new ideas.

I can't make omelette's. That's OK... my fail proof tips will guide you. When in doubt, call it a "scramble" and beam with pride. Because Omelette's are more temperamental than Tasmanian devils. And you must tame the beast.

Is this going to be some pun-filled, over the top, witty and yet futile attempt at blog success? Yes.

Without further ado, I give birth to my newest brain child. And silliness aside, I really do hope you read this and share it with your friends and family!


  1. You are hilarious, and your omelette's seem strangely appealing. I can't decide if I'm horrified or overjoyed at the idea of a hamburger helper/onion dip omelette, but I admit that either way, I'm curious. And entertained.

  2. Thank you! I am glad I made someone smile! And of course, its always nice to put fear into someone... ROFL!!! I was a little askeered myself. But it was noms!