Thursday, November 11, 2010

Wow, I really need to grocery shop Omelet Day 1!

We have all been here...the day before payday. Supplies are running dangerously low. Toilet Paper is being rationed out square by square. You dug the old package of Crystal Light out of the back of the cupboard to have something other than water to drink. You may even be considering cleaning out the fridge, seeing as how there is nothing in it at the moment. Yup. The day before payday.

NOW HERE IS THE FUN PART! And where audience participation is key... I want all of you to reach deep into your cupboards and fridges and imaginations and make your own! I will list them all on the reader page! Pictures would be awesome too! Now get to COOKING!!!

Wow, I really need to grocery shop omelet.


Shredded Cheese
1 slice American cheese
Ground Turkey (leftover) or whatever meat you can find that isn't past it's prime.
Diced potatoes and onions
Sour Cream
Basic Omelet

Cook your potatoes to your liking (or per package directions.) Prepare basic omelet. Heat up whatever you found and throw it in the omelet. Fold and cross your fingers. Top with something, anything. Approach carefully... and noms.

This is what I dug up out of my fridge.

I put Sous Chef Dalton to the task of making out grocery list.

Master Food Taster Everit adds a few more items to the list.

Mmmmmm... Starch.

This omelet is too sexy for me!

WHAT? How can something so simple be so beautiful?

#*#*#*#* TIP OF THE DAY: Experimentation is key to finding your favorite ingredients. Surprise yourself by stepping out of your safety zone and try something new!  #*#*#*#
My Review:
I love these omelets the most. Mainly because this is exactly how this blog was born. Finding the last bits of food and making them into something you never thought they could be. This particular little number was a bit on the dry side, even with the sour cream. The turkey did not reanimate as well as hoped. But it was still delicious!

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  1. I would have shared a pictures, but someone came by and ate it!

    I had:
    some chopped green onions
    little leftover taco meat
    raw spinach
    garlic in bottom of veggie drawer
    part of a red pepper
    really dry cheddar cheese
    touch of sour cream
    little plain yogurt
    hot sauce
    1 egg, part of a carton of egg whites

    Put the spinach, garlic, red peppers and green onion in the batter. Used yogurt instead of milk.

    Put taco meat in and cheddar in middle. Topped with a little yogurt mixed with sour cream, hot sauce and more green onions.

    Very yum!