Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Rice-A-Hammy Omelet

OOOH the FIRSTEST creation! I know you are absolutely beside yourselves with excitement and anticipation, but you must remain calm!!! Before I allow you into my secret world I must first educate you on the ways of omelet perfectionism!

We reviewed yesterday, the PAN. I know that you, my dedicated reader, ran right out to your nearest department store last night and purchased one! So now that you have your tool, you must know how to use it! 

The incredible egg has incredible annoying qualities. The most irritating amongst them being the sticky factor. Even on the most expensive and well seasoned egg pan they are going to cling on for dear life burning and scorching themselves with a rebel cry! So you must use a barrier of some sort to protect your proteins. Cooking folks call it greasin' the pan. I call it an insurance policy, and like all insurance policies there is no such thing as one size fits all! You have options that will suit your needs and style. I am a butter girl. You may find success with a cooking spray, margarine, or even a nice hot bath of bacon grease. Pick your poison according to your preference... just don't forget to apply before tossing your friends into the fire!

Without further ado... I present the FIRST RECIPE!!!

Rice-A-Hammy Omelet!!!


3 Eggs
leftover rice a roni (broccoli au  gratin)
thinly sliced ham
3 slices American cheese
salt and pepper to taste
splash of milk

Short version:  Using a fork or a whisk, whip up 3 eggs, salt, pepper, and splash of milk in a bowl. Be sure to mix together well. Place butter in pan and preheat on medium heat until butter has melted. Roll pan to be sure bottom is evenly coated. Whip eggs once more, place in pan and allow to cook for appx. 3-4 minutes. DO NOT FLIP until the edges of your omelet have become rigid and you can no longer see the pan through the egg mixture. Meanwhile, place filling in a microwave safe dish and warm up to desired temp. Flip your omelet over with a large spatula. If your omelet begins to tear STOP and wait for it to cook a little longer! Once flipped, place cheese and allow to melt. Once melted, add your filling and fold in half. Serve and Enjoy!

Here is the gratuitous picture version!!!

Ingredients impatiently waiting to be given the honor!

Eggs in the bowl with the salt and pepper..I like me some pepper. (Note to self: edit out random body parts before posting on blog.)

Butter perfectly dispersed in the pan.

Omelet in its stage of infancy!

Pretty darn close to flipping stage! NOT quite yet though....

My Sous Chef protecting the sacred Spatula.

*Sniff*  It's beautiful.

NEVER skimp on the cheese people!

Oh Just look at that NOMS NOMS filling!!!

Garnish with toast and coffee (are those garnishments?) and REALLY enjoy!!!

#*#*#*#* TIP OF THE DAY: You can substitute any cheese for any other cheese in any other form at any other time. Cheese is so totally freaking awesome that you never need worry about it not complimenting your meal. Cheese rules and that's that. #*#*#*#*


An instant favorite of mine! The rice really lends a unique flavor that blends perfectly with the gooeyness of the american cheese. The ham added just the right amount of texture giving it a classic omelet feel with a new and improved taste.

DON'T BE SHY!!  try this recipe and POST YOUR review!


  1. YUMMERS Joee!!! Great blog - Darin is an omlette freak, so he will love this. Love the pictures too...now I'm hungry :)

  2. You inspired me to try. I ended up with a scramble (if coarse) , at least the smoke alarm didn't go off. Yummy!!!

  3. Rickypaige! YAY! So glad your son will enjoy this!

    Anonymous... SO glad you liked it! And dont stress on the scramble! Im working on a page with lots of tips to achieve that perfect omelet!`

    Both of you thank you for looking and commenting!