Wednesday, December 1, 2010


A few weeks ago I got to go see CLUTCH in concert. I ADORE Clutch and they were freaking incredible live!  But what surprised the hell out of me was this: 


This is a local band from here in Grand Junction, CO. Now I am an old lady and have seen my share of local music both here and in San Diego... local music is very hit and miss. You get one good band out of 50 garage bands, usually. INTERTWINED was one of those bands that REALLY capture your attention. I couldn't help but Jam along and even get a head bang or two in. They have a unique sound, outstanding music and lyrics I could *gasp* actually understand! Walking away from that concert I had determined that these guys are worth something!!! Heck yeah!

So they have an opportunity to get themselves out there and what they need are VOTES!  So I ask all o my readers to PLEASE go HERE and vote for INTERTWINED, Grand Junction, CO. The link allows you to preview their music and then you can scroll to the bottom and cast your vote... take it from me these guys deserve a break!

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