Friday, December 3, 2010

Back to Basics... Denver Omelet!

WHERE THE H-E-Double Hockey Sticks have you been JOEE?  HMMM??? What's your AWESOME excuse now? Alien invasion? Spending quality time with your toaster?  YES all of those thing!  Ummm... herm... ehhh.. *ahem*.. sure!! Actually, I am a Mom (yes, they let me reproduce!) and not JUST a Mom... a Mom to 3 boys. I don't think I need further explain.. that pretty much says it all! OK OK... maybe I was just a TEENSY bit over the omelet? No need for concern though... absence makes the heart grow fonder, indeed.

I am sure that if you have ever attended a breakfast at any American style restaurant you have seen the "Denver Omelet" on the menu. It is a classic... a universally accepted taste sensation. The beauty of the Denver omelet is in it's simplicity... ham, cheese, onions, potatoes, and green bell peppers. I was gonna rename it, make it my own. But I know I couldn't fool anyone... the Denver omelet is simply too popular. So enjoy this Western classic!

Denver Omelet


green bell peppers
salt and pepper to taste
olive oil
Basic Omelet

Chop up onion and peppers and potato to preferred size. Warm up about 2 tbsp. Olive oil in 12 inch skillet... add the veggies and brown until desired texture/taste (HINT: This omelet does well with a crunchier textured onion/pepper.)  Chop ham and place in pan with potatoes/onion/peppers. Stir until warmed and slightly browned. Set Aside. Prepare basic omelet, on the flip add cheese and filling. Fold, and top with hearty slices of avocado. YEEEHAWWW!!  Denver comes to life in your mouth!!

Ohh the Ham was forgotten... the Ham was crying.

 Oilve oil... it looks like ALOT more then I put in! I swear!

My weakness... the glorious avocado!!!

Move OVER Taters! Make room for my porky goodness!

WARNING: Disturbing images ahead!!!

As SURE as I share my success with you,  my reader, I must also share my failure. With a very very heavy heart I present to you this:

I know, I know. It broke my little 'ol heart. I have to tell myself that 1 out of 20 ain't too shabby... but still...

Well, it may not be a purdy Omelet Little lady, but you sure can make a ol' Cowpoke mighty happy!

Bow Chika WOW WOW!

Master Food Taster IN Training is a little upset his Avocado has been consumed! MORE NOMS PLEEZE!!!

My Review:

Tasty! Scrambly, but tasty! Classic flavor you cannot ever go wrong with!

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