Thursday, December 9, 2010

Let's play a little game I like to call...

Where Would She Put It?

So speaking hypothetically of course, if I were to NOT put in in an omelet, where would I put it? Here are some possibilities! The person(s) who guess the right answer(s) earns my love and adoration for ALL TIME!

I will post the answer tomorrow!

1.Where the sun doesn't shine
2.On toast
3.On a plane to Costa Rica with an absolutely "legitimate" passport and ID
4.In a box with  a fox
5.Where the sun doesn't shine
6.The Dark side of the Moon
7.A tortilla
8.On a plate
9.In your pipe, for future smoking
10.The cat box
11.A briefcase along with small, unmarked bills
12.A Shoe
14.Up your nose with a rubber hose
15.Out with the Dog
16.The laundry pile
17.A box with a big red bow
18.The trunk of her car
19.The trash
20.On a small unstable ferry to a tiny Island yet to be named



  1. At our house it would be:
    a) still edible? On a tortilla
    b) questionable? Porch ledge for the crows

    But #20 (I live in Seattle -- many ferries) caught my imagination. Somehow that may not be the *correct* answer for someone in a landlocked state. lol

  2. ROFL! Amen to the tortilla! I need to make a blog just for that!

    Yeah, we are a little shy on the ferry department here... but we do have 2 rivers running through it... a tube perhaps?

  3. i like #3.

    but i think she would put it
    - under the bathroom sink with the bars of soap
    - in a zip lock baggie attached with strong magnets to the inside of the engine compartment of a mac truck on its way to canada with export goods.
    - in her mouth with the free piece of chocolate from the see's candy kiosk i the mall.

    one of these places for sure.

  4. My Dad always said "If it was up your butt you'd know where it was."

  5. have you gone away? where did she put it? I must know!