Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Eggnog Cheesecake Omelet (yes, really!)

I know you all have been waiting FOREVER for something new... and I admit to you that I have purposely not been posting omelet's because I do not want to continue to repeat myself over and over. Absence makes the heart grow fonder, so they say.

I am posting in real time, meaning, I am typing this BEFORE I have made this omelet. At this exact moment in time, I haven't a clue what this omelet will taste like, what exactly I am going to put in it, or if it will even resemble something edible at all. I am headed towards the kitchen to embark on an (assumed) unprecedented journey of (potential) omelet genius.

If I don't survive this experiment, know that I love you all.

Eggnog Cheesecake omelet

eggnog (splash)
milk (splash)
cream cheese (2 Oz)
vanilla (splash)
sugar (1 tsp)
cinnamon (dash)
nutmeg (dash)
crushed candy cane
2 eggs

First soften cream cheese in microwave and add sugar. Whip with fork until fluffy and set aside. Crack eggs into bowl and add splash of eggnog...whip then check consistency. If thick, add a splash of milk as well. Add vanilla, nutmeg and cinnamon. Whip and cook as you normally would. The omelet WILL brown so don't be alarmed... cook it up proper. On the flip spoon cream cheese mixture into omelet, fold and garnish with crushed candy cane. Then NOMS. And noms you will...

No salt, no pepper...sugary happiness this morning!

Whipped up fluffy cream cheese and sugar

What will this be? What will this do?? ANTICIPATION IS KILLING MEEEE!

Mom has gone crackers this time..

So far, so good... looks ok to me!

I selected a mint chocolate candy cane.. fresh from the Christmas tree!

And then I beat the crap out of it!!!

It is cooking normally! OoOoOoOo....

Browned up like french toast! Without the toast!

Survived the flip (flipped beautifully in fact!)

Ooohhh Holy Noms! Your noms are very NOMMY!

Let this be part of your Holidays! Adopt and Omelet today!

Don't let the skinny fool you! It has flavor and plenty of it!

*Singing Choir*

MY Review:
Wow. All kinds of WOW. It is really and truly PHENOMENAL. This IS the flavor of Christmas, and nothing (and I really mean nothing) I have ever made has tasted so decadent. I must say that is it RICH, too rich to even finish. This is not a breakfast, this is a dessert to be shared with your loved ones on a cold and snowy Christmas Eve. Make this omelet and share it with your besty this Holiday Season. Make it a tradition.

THIS recipe was inspired by my friend, Angela... thank you for the awesome idea! I hope I did it justice!

I AM HEREBY CLAIMING COPY WRITE ON THIS RECIPE>>> THIS IS MY OWN CREATION AND WILL NOT TOLERATE THE FOOD NETWORK STEALING THIS!!  Paula, Alton, Guy.. you hear me???  MINE!!  That being said, if you would like to PRESENT this omelet, I am ready to be contacted!!!


  1. yay!!! i need to try this lol
    oh this is angel
    ;p the one with the eggnog idea

  2. how can you claim copyrights on this if you can't even spell it correctly -___-
    this sounds like a kitchen abomination.

    1. Awwww... a hater! Let me take the time to educate you! The word omelet can be spelled as such. Or it can be spelled omelette. There is actually no final word on the correct spelling. Because you have so very obviously missed the whimsical and fun angle of my blog, I suppose telling you that using different spellings was strictly for "fun word play" would be completely lost on you. I bet you even come back with something even more wittier, or hateful, or whatever.

      Either way, I am sure spending hours searching for misspelled words can be exhausting. Treat yourself to something nice! Like a cocktail, or a sense of humor!


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