Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Omelet and a Schmear

Happy New Year my friends and fans!!!  I am SO excited to start this one off right! And like every other 30 something Mom on the planet, I am in resolution mode big time. So there will be a few changes here for as long as health is my priority. Well a semi-priority. Maybe more of a an ideal at this point. I give myself two weeks...

Anyhoo, moving on! I will now be featuring the two egg omelet VS the three Egg omelet. Really there will be no difference in the recipe and you can adjust accordingly as well following my fail-safe tips HERE. By dropping just one egg you lose 70 calories, some cholesterol I guess and you have less room for delicious ass-enhancing filling. Every little bit helps I suppose. Not to say that I am going to do away with all the good fattening stuffs... just reduce the quantity by a little bit and add in a veggie here and there. I refuse to give up my butter though! Weight loss be damned if I can't have some butter!!!

Oh and I'm SO excited to announce that I was given a RAD gift... the Magic Bullet!!  SWOON! Me and my bullet still have some courting to do, but so far I am rather impressed! I will gladly share little tips and tricks I learn along the way!

Alright enough babbling!!  ONTO THE OMELET!!!

Omelet and a Schmear


canned salmon
cream cheese
green bell pepper
fresh tomato
Havarti cheese
Basic Omelet

Open and drain salmon. Chop up your bell pepper and tomato according to preference. Using about tbsp cream cheese (softened) mix together thoroughly with desired amount of salmon creating a paste (I used the bullet!) Set aside. Add bell pepper to egg mixture and cook your basic omelet. On the flip, schmear your paste on the omelet and fold. Top with Havarti cheese and fresh tomato. Serve and NOMS!

All the things you need to make this beauty!

My new TOY!!

Crappy pic, but here is the basic omelet ready to mix.

Salmon Paste ready to  mix.

I felt the need to post ONE more pic of the bullet magic...

Yeah well, need a little more practice getting the textures right!

This is my official 2 egg omelet pan. Just the right size!

Again, I need some practice with the bullet. Chunky monkey.

Schmeared Omelet

Schmear perfection!

My review:

I made a few rookie mistakes with this one. I really should have sauteed the bell pepper first. It complimented well, but lacked the bold flavor I love. Also, I was a little skimpy with the salmon. I was a little afraid of overwhelming the omelet with a fishy flavor and played it down to much. it fought with the cream cheese rather than flowed. And finally, although I did enjoy the fresh flavor I would most certainly include green onion next time. It was just a little too dull.

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