Thursday, January 13, 2011

Egg roll Omelet

Cheating is generally frowned upon in this society. I cheated today. It felt a little dirty. I am still deciding whether I like that feeling or not. But, in my defense, I don't really have the luxury of making a delightful Asian meal. My children and my husband would not approve. I believe that would rather starve themselves if I threw some Kung-Pao on their plate. So I kinda HAD to cheat, right? RIGHT!  TOTALLY! YES!!!! Justification! HIYA!!!!

IF you had the pleasure of a Chinese food dinner last night, you of course can use any and all of the leftover's you have in your fridge. I will be jealous, it's true. But don't worry about me... I'll be fine.... *sigh*

Egg roll Omelet


Egg rolls (pre-made, oven bake kind)
Sweet and Sour Sauce (the scary little packet that comes with the egg rolls)
Soy Sauce
Basic Omelet

Prepare your egg rolls according to the package directions. IF you were cool enough to make your own than I am jealous and want a recipe. When cooled enough to touch (but not cold), chop up into desired size pieces and slap into your omelet after the successful flip. Fold and drizzle with soy sauce, sweet and sour sauce, OOOH and some hot mustard if you have it. I don't. Wish I did. Bow out of respect to your creation, and NOMS.

Yep... here's the proof. I am a cheater.

Yes, Master dishwasher Everit is eating mac and cheese and hot dogs for breakfast!

Master food taster Dalton is feeling a little Asian himself!

That's  how I roll...

Completely unnecessary picture of my my oven temp.

ROFL... I haz clever.


If you didn't KNOW this was an omelet, it could almost pass for an egg foo young dish.

Looks like someone shot my omelet...

My Review:

Meh. It was OK. I'm not gonna' make a stink over it. It lacked the flavor, spice, and everything I was really looking forward to. This just didn't really hit the spot like I thought it would. Stoked I get to snack on the rest of the egg rolls though!

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