Friday, January 14, 2011

"I'll Have the #3" Omelet.

Super sized. Hold the pickles. And the onions. And the mayo. And the lettuce. And the tomato. In fact, just mash it all up, throw it in an omelet and call it good. Very, very good.

I'll have the #3 Omelet


Leftover cheeseburger (or turkey burger!)
Leftover Tater tots
American Cheese
Basic Omelet

Throw the chop down on your burger. Smash up the tots. Throw in the microwave. Start burning that omelet and when you have flipped that sucker, toss a few slices of cheese down and stuff it to the gills. Fold, plate, squirt some ketchup and mustard on it. Wrap it up in some parchment paper, throw it in a paper sack. Get in your car, drive to the nearest parking lot and then NOMS, dropping everything on your lap and all over your seat. You forgot the napkins, so use your kids sweater in the back seat to clean up your mess. You are thirsty. You realize someone forgot your soda. Drive back home and demand it, free of charge. Put the lid on wrong so when you pick it up it pulls off dropping the entire cup onto your floorboard, on your dash, and into the little crevices not even microscopic soda eating bacteria can fit into. Curse loudly. Run back in the house to change your clothes. Throw a towel on the wet seat and go on about your day.

One of these things look a little out of place!

Your entire daily value of calories on one plate!

Eye SEE YOU!!!

I put too much milk in the mix.. see the edges, how scrambly and ugly they are?

When you use too much milk this is what happens on the flip. SO close to a scramble I shivered a little.

EYE see you tooo!!!!

Nothing a little cheese can't repair though!

Like every other red-blooded American, I take my super sized #3 with a DIET Pepsi! Of course!

My review:

I have made this omelet SO many times. It is one of my absolute favorites! BUT today, thanks to a suggestion by Deniz, one of my loyal readers, I added ketchup for the first time. And some mustard too, as this is my normal burger moisture of choice. It is exactly what it had been missing all along! It was excellent.. not to surprising flavor wise... it tasted exactly as expected! But that's what I was shooting for, so GO me!


  1. I know you're the expert here...BUT I recommend using the 'Rachel Ray' preffered omelet method: Skip the milk and use a dollop of sour cream instead. That's the only way I'll scramble now.
    I won't tell you my reaction to this omelete YOU CRAZY LADY! :)

  2. OoOoOoOoOo.. sour cream you say? OHHHH wow... yes this shall be tried! I am giving YOU the credit instead of Rachel Ray though... she gets enough props, in my opinion!

  3. haha Love the diet pepsi with the plate full of calories :) Im the same way though

    I posted you an omelette on my blog.

    If I had sour cream it would have been on top of there!!! I dont ever mix anything with my egg.. I just whisk the heck out of it then pour it in a small skillet and cook that sucker...

  4. I got your comment. Of course you can use the pic