Thursday, January 6, 2011

Blueberry Coffee Cake Omelet

So tomorrow you could pick up some dried out, crumbly deep frozen and defrosted again natty old coffee cake from your local coffee shop. OR you could take a few extra minutes and whip up this little delight and actually ENJOY your breakfast. It''s your choice...

Blueberry Coffee Cake Omelet


Fresh, ripe blueberries
2 eggs
dash of sugar
dash of cinnamon
dash of vanilla

butter (softened)
brown sugar
white sugar
dash of cinnamon.

Prepare your topping first. (use the photo guide below to help with measurements because I didn't pay attention!)  Put softened butter in a small bowl. Add brown sugar and flour and mix together until crumbly. Dash with the cinnamon, set aside. **Note: I took a few tries to get the crumbly part right, I just kept adding little bits of flour and sugar until it was where I wanted it to be**  Now, for the omelet I used my Magic Bullet. If you don't have one you may need to use a food processor or hand blender or mash up the berries by hand. Place berries,eggs. vanilla, cinnamon and sugar in bowl (or mixing device.) Blend until desired consistency, making sure your eggs are mixed well. Cook as normal, keeping in mind your omelet will brown up to a french toast kind of brown! Fold and top with your sugar crumble topping. Allow to sit for a minute or so and watch the topping melt and glaze your omelet. You can also serve open faced, like a pancake! You won't believe how good this is....

Full kitchen staff on hand for this one!

What you need!

Here is the "guide" to the crumble topping!

About this much butter (1.5 tbsp, maybe?)

Started with this much brown sugar... ended up adding at least double that.

Started with this much flour. About doubled that as well.

This is too gooey! YOU Don't want this!

THIS is what it should look like!

Cinnamon, sugar and eggs in bullet cup!

I was very generous with the blueberries (they were BOGO!)

So it looks a little bit like sewer water... so much for "blue" berries!

Arrghghg... A little chunkier than I had anticipated...

After FIRST flip. I actually had to do 3 flips total as it was rather gooey (thanks the the berry juice!)


Look at those berries just bleeding with sweet juice! Oh NOMS.

My Review:

Fantastic! It reminded me of a blueberry pancake more than a coffee cake..until I hit the melty gooey brown sugary topping, then I was in heaven. those hot blueberries absolutely ooze a sweet syrup making this a decadent treat! I implore you to replace ONE pancake breakfast with this omelet! 


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  2. First, all the best wishes to you and your family and hope you have a prosperous 2011! What a great idea, this will be a perfect Saturday breakfast treat for my family :)