Friday, January 7, 2011

Alice in Wonderland Omelet

Chasing the rabbit into the hole made Alice very hungry. The rabbit's garden offered a fresh fare. "Oh!" Alice replied, "these mushrooms look amazing!" She plucked one from the garden and nibbled on the delicate little button. As she swallowed the flavorful little fungus her head began to spin. She collapsed onto the garden bed and fell unconscious slipping into a deep dream. In this dream she was in Joee's kitchen. She immediately noticed that the dishes were unkempt and the floor was scattered with bits of crumbs and a collection of hot wheels and monster trucks. Stepping around the toys she made her way to the refrigerator. She slowly opened the door, afraid of what may jump out from the cool shelves. Much to her delight there were no spooks...just a variety of foods that she instinctively knew would make an incredible breakfast. She selected a few items and began to cook as she had never cooked before. The kitchen came to life, seemingly of its own accord! The fork whipped the eggs without her hand, the mushrooms jumped into a cool bath to rinse themselves, and the avocado split itself in two in anticipation of being sliced. She began to conduct the edibles as if they were a practiced orchestra. The scene exploded into a Fantasia. Alice's mouth began to water. When the omelet delicately floated onto the plate she reached for a utensil to sample the wares... only to wake up screaming "It is MY omelet! It is MY omelet!." She was dirty and moist from laying in the rich earth. Her hair was matted from writhing in place. A hot tear rolled down her cheek as she shivered at the memory of the omelet she never had the chance to try. Alice decided that day she would never again trespass on a rabbit's garden.

May this omelet bring your fantasies to life today!

Alice in Wonderland Omelet


Colby-jack cheese
Havarti cheese
Basic Omelet

Rinse mushrooms well. Pat dry and chop into chunks, setting a few aside for the topping.Crumble bacon, slice ham and (if needed) shred cheese. Slice avocado and set it all aside. Begin basic omelet and add the Colby-jack, ham, bacon and mushrooms. Flip and top with 1 slice Havarti cheese, sliced avocado and a few mushrooms. Noms and start trippin'!

See what Alice saw?

Avocado... noms.

Too much filling for a 2 egg omelet... but I stuffed it all in there anyway!

No wonder Alice cried! Look at this baby!

Follow Alice down the hole today...

Mom, you tell the bestest breakfast stories!

My Review:

The SHNOZBERRIES taste like SHNOZBERRIES!!!  I'm not sure what kind of mushrooms I used... should my carpet be moving?   Is that a blue dog using my toilet? 
Alright, Lewis Carrol nonsense aside, this was AWESOME. If you noticed I did not heat the filling and I am glad I didn't. The cool mushrooms contrasted beautifully with the warm eggs. It was almost like eating a chef's salad, minus the greens of course. Now if I could get this monkey out of my ear...

Credit for this Omelet goes to SEVERAL of my readers! You know who you are! I am just sorry it took me so long to get mushrooms into the mix!  Thank you for the inspiration!!