Saturday, January 8, 2011

Some stuff I would like to share with you!

Before I EVEN begin, a HUGE thank you to my readers! I am so excited about this blog, and it just warms my heart when my friends and family share it with others! I have my goals set high and all of you are really helping me get there!  THANK YOU SO MUCH!!

So, a few updates! If you did not know already the Blog now has it's own Facebook page! Click here :   click LIKE! And you will become a fan!

Next, I also joined Twitter! I have NO idea how to use Twitter. I am not even sure I like it. But the Blog God's judge us based on our social network following, and Twitter is vital supposedly. If you would like to follow me on Twitter my handle is @putitinanomelet

As I have mentioned before I am working hard at getting product reviews, giveaways, and other fancy things to make this place THAT much more appealing. I am fumbling to say the least... but learning as I go! The key to getting the "cool" stuff is to have a loyal and active following.... the more page views, "likes," "tweeters" and Ad clicks I have the more likely it is we I get some kick ass stuff to play with!

Finally, I have to say that my mind is REELING with ideas for some seriously awesome dishes. Keep your suggestions coming, and keep sharing your omelet's with me! I will always try to give credit to you if your idea spawned one of mine! If I forget, tell me! 

Ok, enough babble. Love you all!!!